About ZeFi

We Mint Minds

ZeFi is on a mission to bring about change and education for the masses. We believe in a world where everyone has the right to access, share knowledge, and utilize the blockchain space as a way to tell their own story, gain more control over their resources, and improve their everyday interactions with other people.

Our Journey

Long Story Short

Did you know that the cornerstone of our project was an informal group on Telegram between a bunch of friends? And it wasn’t long before we noted that so many people around the world have a little to no access to learning material about the blockchain space, as well as a lack of social awareness towards this technology.

Blockchain in Bits & Pieces

ZeFi will provide you with access to a gamified learning experience on blockchain, with a daily dose of news and articles. We’re also working on a first-of-its-kind technical dictionary! Upcoming sections include a decentralized platform for freelancers, a market for a humanized NFT experience, and a forum for ZeCommunity.

Hello… Hola… Merhaba!

We've been a remote team since the very beginning of ZeFi. We’re bridging social distance by working as a team of 40+ folks, operating from more than 10 countries, and across 5 continents. In case you’re wondering, we’re allowed for time flexibility (finger crossed) but most importantly we’re an agile and dedicated global team.

Talk of the Community

We would like you to think of us as that sibling who is a young professional, tech savvy and eager to make a difference in their society. Yes, that’s because sometimes you may forget how much you can do, but we’re here to remind you that we’re a community-based foundation and you’re welcome to join our growing network.

Sky Rocket

Soft Launch

Zefi was founded in 2020, and since then we were establishing our ecosystem with one goal in mind: To offer an inclusive platform to everyone interested in building their knowledge and awareness in the blockchain space. Here we are now, the core features of our new website are live, with more to come. Couldn’t be more excited!

Sneak Peek

Take a glimpse into ZeFi both ongoing and upcoming projects that we’re super excited about: Media production, academic courses, technical glossary, workshops & seminars, capacity building programs, books, research papers & publications, community-led initiatives, and much more to be announced later on.


A previous knowledge of the subject is not required. Technical or not, you are at the right place to get started and familiarize yourself with the blockchain space from no knowledge at all to becoming fully able to understand how this technique works, as well as its applications in our daily lives. Check out our courses here.

We’re not financial advisors. All articles published in our platform express the opinion of the author, and don’t necessarily express the opinion of ZeFi. Simply put: No. ZeFi has not and will not provide any financial or investment advice.

Our content is primarily written in English & Arabic for the time being . We plan to add other languages in the future especially when it comes to the marginalized communities who have no access to the blockchain knowledge using their mother tongues.

Not at all! We're committed to protecting your privacy and we don't collect any personal data. If you sign up for our newsletter we promise to not sell or give your email address to anyone! You’ll also be able to simply sign up or sign in using your web3 credentials.

Our services currently include, but are not limited to providing a wide range of daily discussions on blockchain-related matters such as news, feature articles, opinion pieces and case studies, as well as introducing a distinctive technical glossary, and a gamified experience to learn about the blockchain space and the key concepts of the technology. In addition, we provide capacity building workshops to civil society groups, educational institutions and companies from different sectors. Keep posted because much more is yet to come!

We believe that knowledge should be accessible to everyone, thus there is no fee to be paid to read content that is published in our ZeCafe section. Currently, all our courses that are available in the ZeAcademy section are free of charge as well.